What’s In My Bag

My Bag

I carry the Kelly Moore Libby bag and I LOVE it!

It’s huge, definitely not a “wear around all day” bag, but it holds absolutely everything I need.  And nothing feels like it’s scrunched, everything is very organized. It came with a ton of dividers so I can basically make it fit any gear I have.  I currently carry my Nikon body with a lens attached and 2 other separate lenses.  Also my extra batteries, ipad, marketing materials, cleaner and extra filters. I love the fact that it stands on it’s own and it looks fabulous.

My Gear

From 2008 – September 2010 I used a Pentax K10 with an 18-200 lens.  I loved photography but had no clue about the technical stuff.  This was a great camera to enter the “big girl camera” phase.  After 2 years of learning and experimenting I knew I was ready to try different lenses and upgrade to a better body, so….

From September 2010 – November 2012 I used a Nikon d300s cropped sensor body.  I purchased a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 G lens and that was my primary lens for 2 years.  For my kids sports I used a Sigma 70-300 lens which was great for the zoom.  I really enjoyed the video capability on this camera but I didn’t use it as much as I should have.  As I started shooting strictly in manual, I realized the limitations of the 300s and wanted something that was better with higher ISO’s.  In 2011 I purchased a used Nikkor 85mm 1.8 and I loved the compression of the 85mm but I wasn’t pleased with the bokeh, I thought it needed to be creamier and I knew that if I upgraded to the 1.4 version I could get that creamy look.  I was also ready to try out the full frame, so….

In November 2012 I purchased a Nikon D700 full frame body.  I also purchased some new lenses so this is my arsenal now:

Nikkor 85mm 1.4 D ~ this is my favorite portrait lens!  The bokeh is incredible and the focal length is perfect for portraits.

Nikkor 50mm 1.4 G ~ this is still a great everyday lens and very nice for indoor use when the 85mm is too big.  Works wonderful at wide open aperture which is great for creativity.

Nikkor 70-300mm ~  this is my must-have lens for all my kids soccer games and when we’re boating or doing other activities where I’m far away from the action.  This lens is actually a great lens for portraits too on the longer focal lengths.

Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 ~ this lens is wonderful for capturing all the everyday stuff that my family does.  The wide zoom range is handy for indoors and the 2.8 aperture is very handy.  I don’t use it to shoot client sessions but I’m finding that it’s my go-to lens for personal photos.

My Technology & Software

I’m a hard core Mac user, I love everything Apple!  Here’s what I use and how I use it:

iMac 26″ desktop – All my blogging, editing, scheduling & everything else is done from my desktop computer.  I’ve never used a laptop and have no desire to.  I love the big screen and the Mac is great for displaying images.

iPhone 5 – My iPhone is always with me!  The convenience of having it synced to my computer at home is awesome.  If I add anything to my iCal while I’m on the go it will automatically update on my desktop and iPad which helps keep me organized.  Plus the fact that I can process credit cards (Square card reader), respond to emails and post to social media is great.  I also use the camera to get behind-the-scenes pics while I’m shooting. If I don’t have an assistant with me I usually just hand it to the mom of my model and she goes crazy taking pics from every angle!

Original iPad – Yep, I have the very first iPad and it does everything I need.  When I go to clients homes for their viewing appointments I have their videos and galleries ready for them to view. I also have the iRelease app so I can have model/guardian releases signed right on location and it emails a copy to the client in one click.  I also have several wall display examples in the photos and it’s a fabulous mobile portfolio.  All my digital magazine subscriptions are in my iBooks and my Creative Live workshops that I purchased (just 2…Sue Bryce) are loaded in my videos so I can watch them while I’m hanging out at soccer practice:)

Apple TV – I’ve offered in-person viewing appointments for the last year and it has been wonderful. With Apple TV I load my client’s gallery into my iTunes, then I sync it with my Apple TV.  So when my client arrives they get to view their images for the first time on my large screen tv in my living room.  And my kids love it because they can view important YouTube videos like “Stupidest Cats Ever” on the big tv.

Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5