Brad – Middletown Christian High School Senior Portraits

Anytime I get the opportunity to shoot a portrait session in a creek, that’s a good day!

Brad’s family had recently moved into their new home, which was on a beautiful property.  They had gardens, big trees, lots of room for their dog to run, and a great creek that ran right thru the center of the backyard. I always encourage my clients to shoot on their property if they’ve got the room, I think it’s so special.

I was walking the property before his session to find the best spots to shoot at, and of course I knew I would definitely be putting those cute rain boots of mine to good use in his creek! I have a feeling that Brad thought I was a bit weird when I asked him to head into the water, but he went right along with it and I’m so glad he trusted me. I fell in love with the deep colors that we got shooting in the creek with very little light streaming in.

Here’s a little fun fact about Brad’s wardrobe…I was styling his outfits with his mom and noticed there were lots of clean and simple options with his clothing.  About every solid color shirt you could imagine! I mentioned that if she was able to find a suit vest of some sort that may help add a little texture to his clothing choices…just something to mix it up a bit. I told her there was no need to go buy something new if she didn’t want to, maybe she could even borrow one from somebody.  I don’t want my clients to feel like they have to break the bank with their clothing for Senior portraits. It’s more about showing off the personality than the clothes. 

Just a few hours later she texted me and said that while she was out she found the perfect vest for just $1.50! We just added it over one of his outfits at the very end of his session and I’m so pleased with how it just gave that extra touch of dimension to his portraits.

I’m so honored to have been able to photograph Brad for his Senior portraits.  He’s such a charming guy, so smart (he’s actually graduating a year early) and, as you can see by his photos, quite a cutie! I’ve actually known his mom since I was a teenager so this was a very special treat to take a few family photos too while I was there.  Best Wishes Brad!

Here’s a few behind-the-scenes shots and then the fantastic results.










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